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Business - Staying on-top of your growth - Part 1

In Business there is a lot to think about when we are growing. We’ve put together a short series of a few strategies to help you keep your focus. This part focuses on our team.

Five strategies to take care of our team

1. Keeping employees happy

When growing, there can be added pressure or increased communications with your team. There are a lot of different ways to help ensure your team are well taken care of you can, some of these include:

  • Understand their personalities and motivations

  • Understand your business identity and culture

  • Identify your benefits

  • Celebrate milestones for both them and the business

  • Encourage them to socialise

  • Trust them

  • Offer responsibility

  • Identify the tools and processes needed for success

2. Hiring smart

Putting time in at the start of the hiring process can ensure a smooth transition into your culture, and adoption of your processes.

3. Developing a positive culture

A positive culture can help with employee retention and productivity. A positive culture embraces diversity, motivated individuals, and caring compassionate individuals.

4. Training

New hires are a valuable resource. Not only can they bring new skills to enhance your business, but they can quickly add or detract to your wider teams confidence depending on how well they are inducted and add value to your team.

Offering training to your existing team can help learn new skills so they can grow in their capability, which helps contribute to them feeling valued, which in turn increases productivity, keeps them interested, and helps fill hiring gaps.

5. Setting goals

For many employees they want more than just collecting a pay-cheque, they are looking to add value. By setting personal and business goals, and reporting on them, you are able to show the value your employee brings to the business they are a part of. Ask them how often they would like a check-in. You will find some will find this a chore, and others will want it quarterly.


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