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Our Story

We've always known we were a little bit different, we see things differently, we accept we are early adopters, innovators, let us share our story with you . . .

Our Story

Our Beginning

The idea of Business Studio came from the discomfort many of us feel when we reach a period in our lives when we wonder “what’s next?”. Having worked in the full spectrum of accounting firm sizes; the large corporate, a mid-sized firm, and a couple of sole practitioners, our founder Justine Kennard had similar concerns about where the accounting industry was going. She could see the impact of technology on business, and the impact of the shrinking supply of employees.


In 2015, Justine decided to try a new approach to the traditional accounting service model, bringing together technology, growth advisory, and valuations. She created an environment where owners could tap into an advisor who could talk to them about their stage in business, their aspirations, and how to deal with the challenges that brings. It is now evident that technology and process efficiency is a key factor in driving outcomes for owners.

In 2022, Business Studio Innovators Limited was born.  Both a platform and service for owners to embrace the sometimes uncomfortable and unpredictable journey of growing, transforming, and maturing in a supportive environment.

Our Beginning
Nelson seaside waterfront and the iconic Fifeshire Rock..jpg

Our Location . . . Nelson, New Zealand

Our Location

Our Drive

We have always walked to the beat of our own drum, this is what our beat sounds like . . .

Our Vision

To listen and act,

transforming business forever

Our Mission

Working with owners who want to transform, identify opportunities, develop strategies, be competitive, modernising

Working Together

Our Why

To be curious and problem solve so that together we can achieve our dreams

Our How

We work together to identify opportunities, develop strategies to grow and be competitive, embrace change with changing technology, all while helping you build and protect your assets

Our Values



Love of Learning


Our Drive

Our Symbol

What do our logo rings mean?

In business, there are generally four stages of growth,

each ring represents one of those stages:

  • Startup

  • Growth

  • Maturity

  • Renewal or Decline


Why do we have a line through our symbol?

The line represents time, the progression of the past, present, and future.

Why have you chosen shades of Orange?

The symbolism and psychology attributed to Orange are all qualities we strive to provide our clients.  

  • The colour Orange increases and aids personal power, self-esteem and confidence.

  • A balance of Orange will let a person handle the ups and downs of life with finesse, quickly recovering from disappointments or pride.

    • Orange represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm.

    • Orange is a colour that is sociable, creative and fun.

    • Orange is self-assured, cheerful and independent.

Our Symbol
Our Attitude

Our Attitude


Our Founder

Justine Kennard is the founder of Business Studio Innovators Limited, a Chartered Accountant with a point of difference.  ​Specialising in Business growth, Business & Share Valuations, Technology, Strategic Planning, and Digital Accounting.   


Those who know her well, recognise her as a trouble shooter.  Someone who can get to the crux of your problem, quickly and efficiently, and identify a wide variety of solutions.


As a Business Transformation Specialist, Justine challenges you, to reveal new opportunities, which not only helps you to build and grow your business, but helps you build your capability and confidence.


Justine has 20+ years’ experience in giving value to a wide range of clients and industries.

In addition, Justine has been a director on Boards for over ten years, and is a member of the Institute of Directors.

Before the start of her career Justine obtained her Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons) from The University of Waikato.

M +64 21 164 8493


Our Founder
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