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Business - Staying on-top of your growth - Part 2

In Business there is a lot to think about when we are growing. We’ve put together a short series of a few strategies to help you keep your focus. Part 2 focuses on you.

Five strategies to take care of you

1. Work-Life balance

We can all step up and work harder or longer for periods of time. But to expect it all the time from our team isn’t helpful nor productive. By encouraging breaks, and a good work life balance our teams can stay mentally fresh, motivated, and know that you value them.

2. Communication

Having the opportunity to talk about priorities, project approach, business changes, priorities helps keep everyone on track. It also helps to create a team culture which in turn develops confidence within the individual, efficient business processes, and strengthens collaboration (where encouraged).

3. Staying competitive

With growth often comes – more communication, changing processes, more products, more services, cash flow restrictions. Offering the opportunity to talk about the frustrations can help share the load, create an inclusive problem solving culture, an innovative team, and most importantly acceptance that everyone is trying their best and are working in the same direction.

4. Delegation

Helps spread the load and build capability into our team. By being conscious of delegating we create an awareness culture. Awareness of each other’s contribution and progress. Delegation is where we maximise resources, working smarter not harder.

5. Talk with your customer

What are they saying? Do they have the solution to your growing pains? Are they identifying your next revenue stream.


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