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Valuations & Desktop Calculations

Whether you want a valuation to sell your business or set a growth target we can help you. There are a wide variety of solutions available for you.


We have the valuation and accounting experience to provide you with a meaningful report, discussions, and insights. 

Valuation standards require us to consider not just the balance sheet’s assets and liabilities, but also the management, impact of key employees, capital structure, future earnings potential, and the operating environment of the industry and economy.

When should I think about getting a valuation?

  • Buying or selling a business

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Relationship property negotiations

  • Restructuring

  • Family and succession planning

  • Joint ventures

  • Investment reviews

  • Loss of earnings claims

Desktop Calculations

Sometimes, you need a sense check as opposed to a full and detailed report, or you are limited on cash flow but still want to understand your exposure for settlement purposes.

You might know this type of calculation as a desktop calculation, calculation analysis, value analysis, appraisal, or high-level calculation.  We can assist you with this and also explain the differences when compared to a Valuation.

If you are buying or selling a business, or are negotiating a relationship property settlement, we recommend you consider getting a valuation from an experienced valuer.

When is a desktop calculation appropriate?

  • Sense checking the impact of buying or selling a business

  • Benchmarking business growth

  • Family succession planning

  • Planning succession with employees

  • Joint ventures

  • Business case reviews

Relationship Property Negotiations

There are a lot of things we have to think about when moving on from a relationship.  We may for the first time have to develop our financial literacy or understand the financial statements that our partner has always taken care of.

Why?  Because we want to understand and protect our entitlement to what was joint wealth.

If you and your solicitor would like help understanding financial statements or a valuation of the business or company, which you or your former partner own, please reach out to us.


No one wants to pay more for a business than it is worth.  We buy a business or shares for the cash flows we are expecting them to generate. 

If you have been provided with a valuation, and are looking for a second opinion as to whether it is reasonable for you to rely on, we can assist.

Benchmark Your Value & Insights

If our business was a Professional Sports Person, it would be tested and evaluated. In business, we often test how well are performing by comparing key performance indicators and assessing how we've performed financially. What we generally don't do, is evaluate the value of our business.

Valuation benchmarking provides the opportunity to:

  • assess current value

  • after many years you will have a data set which you can share with your team, customers, or potential investors

  • receive industry market data to assist with comparability

  • understand your industry characteristics, such as size, growth, profitability, and risk

  • identify the drivers of value and the gaps or opportunities to improve your performance or strategy

  • communicate your value proposition and competitive advantages to potential investors or buyers, and show them how you stand out from the crowd.

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