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Showing Your Business Some Love – Happy Valentine's Day

As a business valuer, it is quite apparent when a business isn’t being loved. When the passion of the owner, or management team has dissolved or diminished.

We are all aware our businesses need our love and attention. Valentine’s day can be a day for retail and hospitality to help couples celebrate. But it can also serve as a reminder or opportunity to love your business.

Business is trying, many of us are running on fumes, it is tiring dealing with the shortage of the employee pool, covid, inventory shortages, freight delays…

Remember when you started out in business, you were invincible, you were going to do things differently, your growth exponential, friends and customers could see your passion, your enjoyment. Back then it gave you options, now, well it’s starting to feel like a chore. So what has changed? What were you doing at the start that perhaps you aren’t doing now?

How can we show our love?

  1. Expressing appreciation to our customers

  2. Develop a list of what inspires you

  3. Invest in training for yourself or Attend an online conference

  4. Check in on your Business Plan

  5. Thank your team

    1. Perhaps even take your team out for a coffee or a beer, and thank them directly.

    2. Invite the team to share

      1. What it is that they love about your business

      2. Who inspires them

      3. If money was no object – what would they do differently?

  6. Review your marketing plan

  7. Spend time outdoors

  8. Find three things to improve your operational efficiency

  9. Talk with an accountant who understands you and your business

    1. Learn what level of working capital you need

    2. Figure out where you might be leaking

      1. Money

      2. Sales

      3. Opportunities

      4. Expenditure

    3. If a capital injection will make a difference

  10. Ask and answer yourself

    1. If money was no object – what would I do differently?

    2. What competitor inspires me the most, what is it about them that inspires me?

    3. If I was starting my business today – what would it look like, what would I create?

  11. For those who haven’t got digital processes

    1. Ask and answer yourself – Why? What is it that you are afraid of?

    2. Ask your customers what they would like to see you change in this space

I love the passion of business owners; they have dedicated their life to what they love.

Thank you to all my clients for joining me and my passion for business, for sharing and inviting me to be a part of their world. I very much appreciate the passion you have.

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