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How to save energy over shutdown periods

While plenty of companies are closed over Christmas, some of us have to keep the lights on to serve our customers. Here are some energy-saving tips that could save you some money over the coming months.

Who left the lights on?

Only use the lights you need

Lighting contributes significantly to energy usage, so if you’re running skeleton staff over Christmas, only use the lights you need. Keeping a few lights on overnight can be effective for security purposes, but turn off all non-essential lighting when occupancy is low.

Don’t air condition the whole building

Blasting the air conditioning can result in huge power bills. Ensure you’re only using it for the people present. Don’t cool the whole office when most of your employees are at home.

Switch off non-essential machines

Computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers all use energy when they’re left on standby. Switch them off at the mains and ensure staff only power on machines they need.

Find hidden energy wasters

Kettles, fridges, microwaves, and vending machines are useful when the office is full, but do they need to be on over the summer? Review your workplace and see what non-essentials can be unplugged.

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