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DON’T FORGET: Documents for your accountant

Updated: Mar 9

Remember to provide all the relevant documents we will need to put together your financial statements for the year.

Have you got these ready?

For Businesses

  1. PDF of your bank, loan and credit card statements at month end

  2. Inventory on hand at year end

  3. Work in progress at year end

  4. Holiday pay owing at year end

  5. Holiday pay paid within 63 days of balance date (2 June)

  6. Accounts Receivable

  7. Accounts Payable

  8. Insurance documents

  9. Fixed asset purchase invoices

  10. Home office - only if paid during the year - click more info

For Individuals & Partnerships

  1. Information on shares/investments

  2. Details on mixed-use holiday home income

    1. Days rented

    2. Days available for rent

    3. Days available for private use

  3. Up-to-date vehicle logbooks

  4. Information on cryptocurrency trades

  5. Loan statements for the year in both PDF and excel/csv

  6. Insurance documents

  7. Home office - click for more info

    1. Up-to-date information on mortgage interest

    2. Rates bills

    3. Power bills

    4. Repair and maintenance receipts

    5. Phone bills

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