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Digital snapshot: Teamflect

Recently, we've been looking for a software solution to help us keep track of team members and business goals. As we already use Microsoft Teams, Teamflect seems like the ideal solution, and we've started implementing it with our team. So far we've enjoyed this as a product.

There is both a free version and a cost-effective paid option which includes analytics. The paid option also includes priority email and phone support and administration training. We've been exposed to a number of custom-built platforms and this exceeds those.

The following information is sourced from the Teamflect website:

Performance Reviews

Conduct entire performance review cycles without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams.

Customizable review templates

Pick one of their many templates and start your cycle right away. Customize existing templates or create your own, and automate your surveys!

360-degree feedback

Integrate 360-degree feedback data into your performance reviews, including external feedback!

Analyze and export employee reviews

Access and analyze your reviews through detailed reports with real-time data.

Employee development plans

Identify growth areas and map out development plans for your team.

Goals & OKRs

An intuitive OKR software that lets you set and track goals in real time without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Goal setting inside Teams chat

Set and access individual or group goals without leaving Teams Chat.

Customizable goal labels

Create custom goal labels to customize your experience.

Automated goal check-ins

Let your team own their goals with automated goal check-ins.

Cascading goals view

Stay on top of everything with the cascading view, displaying goals hierarchically.

Feedback & Recognition

Boost employee engagement with instant feedback and recognition.

Send feedback & recognition over Teams chat

Whether you are sending feedback or recognition, do it without leaving the chat.

Extensive feedback template library

Have access to a catalogue of customizable feedback templates.

360-degree feedback

Including external feedback.

Leaderboard and feed views for recognition

Praise everyone publicly and celebrate success with leaderboards and recognition feeds.


Keep your finger on the pulse with intuitive employee engagement survey templates.

Teams & Outlook integration

Set up, conduct, and analyse your surveys without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams.


Use our existing survey templates, customise them, or create your own easily.


Automate your pulse surveys at any interval you choose.


Have quick and easy access to detailed reports to analyze your survey results and gain insight.

1-on-1 Meetings

Create and edit your meeting agendas before, during, and after the meeting. Integrate tasks, goals, notes, and more.

Synced with Outlook

Stay organised with meetings synced directly from your Outlook calendar.

The meeting agenda

A customisable meeting agenda with goals, tasks and notes.

Team meetings

Not just 1-on-1 meetings! Lead meetings of all sizes with ease.


Whether you are setting, tracking, or managing tasks, Teamflect keeps everything in the flow of work.

Project Management

Manage every aspect of a project from start to finish, inside Teams.

Assign tasks over Teams chat!

Turn simple messages into trackable tasks.

Recurring tasks

Edit, comment on, attach files, and assign custom labels to your tasks.

Sync with Microsoft To Do

Already using To Do? Teamflect has complete integration with it.

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