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10-30 Challenge

Did you set a new years resolution, or develop a strategic plan over the last month? I have people in my universe who live like they have no tomorrow, they appear to have boundless energy and a list of work, social and fun things scheduled.

Then I also have people who don't want the constraints of such a structured life. Where ever you may sit on the spectrum we will generally have a procrastination goal, something we tell ourselves we're going to do, but life gets in the way. Be it a work or personal goal.

For the past three months I've been giving the 10-30 Challenge a go. It involves committing ten minutes to that stuck goal, with no expectations. Today's video was shot just before ticking one of those personal commitments off my list.

The 10-30 Challenge comes from meeting a lady last year who has an amazing garden which has been achieved in pockets of ten minutes.

She has bad knees and finds getting down and up challenging but her garden is her source of energy. Her personal compromise was committing to no more than ten minutes whenever her body was willing.

If you decide to give the 10-30 Challenge a go, share with us how you've gotten on after 30 or 60 days. I'm curious did it work for you, and are you still finding pockets of ten minutes or are you finding longer periods of time with ease?

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